Initial Homeopathic Consultation
Our first appointment together is an in-depth interview that covers your current complaints in great detail. It also contains questions regarding your personal and family health history, sleep profile, range of sensitivities (climatic, temperature, environmental), emotional stresses and personality dynamics. Because homeopathy is a truly holistic medicine, it is essential for the practitioner to understand not only your health problems, but all those characteristics that make you a truly unique individual – in order to most effectively prescribe a remedy that works.

Follow-Up Appointments
These interviews are shorter, but no less essential than the initial consultation to gaining positive results with homeopathic care. During these sessions, your response to the remedy is assessed, and important adjustments to the remedy are prescribed. The frequency of these visits varies depending on the case, but in general Follow-Up Appointments should occur every 3-4 weeks until the presenting complaints begin resolving. Once this happens the need for follow-up visits decrease accordingly, until only yearly or biannual “check-up” visits are advisable.