The Homeopath

It's a pleasure to welcome you to my practice! I am a professional homeopath, nationally certified by the Council for Homeopathic Certification. I graduated from the 3-year training program at Pacific Academy of Homeopathy and, in addition, completed a 2-year post-graduate course with renowned Toronto homeopathic doctor Joe Kellerstein. 

For the past quarter century I’ve had a deep and abiding interest in the energetic healing arts. It first surfaced during graduate studies in the late-1980's, when I worked as a medical researcher studying the affects of chronic diseases in rural North Carolina. Later, I embarked on a long education in the Asian healing arts, learning shiatsu, acupressure, qigong and traditional Chinese medicine, before encountering the unmistakable power of Homeopathy to transform illness into radiant health. I’ve been involved with the study and clinical practice of Homeopathy since 2000.